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Hearts Set Free podcast

Jun 21, 2024

Sometimes I feel emotionally unsafe in certain relationships. The truth is people can’t always be trusted to respond in loving ways or accept me as I am. However, as I trust the Lord, I know that I am safe because of Him. He is my protector, my refuge, the one who keeps me safe. This podcast will help you move...

May 23, 2024

For those who feel their mothers didn’t love them in the way they needed or those who miss their mothers who have passed on or left their lives, there is good news. God is not only a loving father, but He also loves us like a mother. This podcast will help you to embrace and experience the mother love of God. Email me...

Apr 18, 2024

Sometimes I say, "How could that person do something so stupid?" Then I'm reminded I made stupid choices before I knew the Lord, and sometimes since my salvation when I get disconnected from Him. This podcast will help you to stay in touch with God and His wisdom and help others to do the same. email me at

Mar 22, 2024

No matter how shaky your faith becomes, God desires to restore your soul. It may seem that you are too far gone, but that's not how the Lord sees your situation. This podcast will help you to open the door to be restored by the Lord. (Rerun of 4/15/21 podcast)

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Feb 16, 2024

Sometimes I feel like a failure when I fail to get others to love me or to do the right thing. These goals only lead to frustration. However, when I determine to allow God's unfailing love to flow to me and through me, my perspective and life improves. This podcast will remind you of God's unfailing love and how to...