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Hearts Set Free podcast

Feb 16, 2024

Sometimes I feel like a failure when I fail to get others to love me or to do the right thing. These goals only lead to frustration. However, when I determine to allow God's unfailing love to flow to me and through me, my perspective and life improves. This podcast will remind you of God's unfailing love and how to...

Jan 12, 2024

I confess that sometimes I speak about feeling abandoned by people in my life in my past and in the present. However, God has an abandonment issue that is more pressing. It is based on this question, "Have you abandoned yourself to Me?" This podcast will help you to abandon yourself to the Lord, so you can experience...

Dec 15, 2023

Often I feel unrest in my soul. What I long for is God's heavenly peace which is sung about in the Christmas song "Silent Night." The good news is that I can receive His peace which He offers to all those who are His. This podcast will help you to receive God's peace which Jesus brought to this earth. 

Nov 9, 2023

The great challenge for a Christian can be to love like Jesus who tells us to not only love those who treat us kindly but also to love those who don't. This podcast will assist you on your journey toward that high goal of "Loving Like Jesus." Email me at

Oct 6, 2023

Forgiveness is something I’ve struggled with since I can remember. When I read the love verses in 1 Corinthians 13, verse 5 reminds me how important forgiveness is if I am to be like Christ. Two different Bible versions say it in ways that have really caught my attention: “Love…will hardly even notice when others...